Night vision scope Dedal-370-DK3/bw

Night vision scope Dedal-370-DK3/bw

Dedal-370 device represents the multipurpose compact night vision monocular, intended for night surveillance, search, photo and night hunting, and in the conditions of the low illumination. The device can be carried on the head, helmet, connected to photo/video equipment for shootings of night animals and documenting of illegal activity. Also you have a possibility of connection two devices in to binocular. The device can be equipped with quick-release mount and can be installed behind collimator sight (EoTech, Aimpoint) on Weaver/Picatinny mount. Set of changeable rapid optics (from 1х to 10х) and powerful tube (Gen. II+, III or XR-5) allows to achieve a distance of night detection up to 1000-2500 m.

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  •  Multi functionality
  • Long range of vision
  • Gen. III (black/white)
  • Special light powerful optics (1.0x, 3.0, 6.3, 9.6)
  • IR-on indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Built in IR illuminator 20 mW (940nm) an optional powerful (75, 150, 200mW)
  • Ability to integrate two devices into binocular scheme
  • As option:

              - Modification for quick montage behind Aimpoint riflescope

              - Modification with manual gain control

  • Weather proof
  • Compact / Lightweight


The image intens. tube            
Gen.         III (black/white)    
Photosensiviti, μA/Lm       min. 1800      
Gain         25000-45000    
Resolution, pl/mm       min.64      
Magnification, x       1,0 (3,0) (3,9) (6,3) (9,6)  
Objective lens       26mmF/1.2; (+3.0X); (100mmF/1.5);
          (165mmF/2.0); (250mmF/2.0)  
Field of view, degree     40 (13) (10) (6.5) (4.1)  
Diopter setting, D       +2,-4      
Power supply       AA battery (1.5V) or CR123A (3V)-1pc.
Battery life, hrs       min. 25 or 55    
Operating temperature, C     -50 to +50      
Relative humidity       up to 98 %    
Dimension, mm       119x56x72    
Weight, kg       0,39      
IR illuminator       yes