Elite Retention System

Elite Retention System

A patented innovative and safe way to transport all long guns, shotguns, rifles, AR rifles, AK rifles, (with or without scopes),compound bows, and crossbows. The Elite Retention System allows the hunter and operators to maintain positive control of their gun while performing almost any task, all while reducing fatigue and pressure points, without limiting the ability to draw your weapon with unbelievable speed and control. The system adapter, female receiver mount, and MOLLE stick are made of robust injection-molded resin which ensures problem-free operation in any weather conditions. The system can be mounted on any MOLLE clad chest rig, vest, or plate carrier.

308,00 , 108,00 
(21%): 200,00 
  • Effortless, hands-free carry of weapon lessens fatigue and relieves pressure
  • Twelve safe locking muzzle positions
  • Quick-draw long gun in an instant
  • Carries all long guns - shot guns, bolt action, semi automatic, and belt fed
  • Three-piece set adds the Elite Retention System to your existing LBE
  • Ambidextrous
  • Protects gun and optics
  • All trigger guards are covered
  • Injection-molded resin designed to be durable and UV resistant