LBE Harness with Elite Retention System

LBE Harness with Elite Retention System

The Elite Retention System with our LBE Harness is lightweight and low-profile. The harness is built from 1000D nylon. The front is covered with MOLLE webbing. The top 4 rows are VELCRO for attaching name strips and morale patches. The harness and elite retention system can be used alone, or the harness can be fastened to any chest rig or vest using the 3 VELCRO-closure securing bands. The harness has a pocket on the rear panel that accepts a 6" x 8" trauma plate. The system adapter, female receiver mount, and MOLLE stick are made of robust, injection-molded resin which ensures problem-free operation in any weather conditions.

385,00 , 135,00 
(21%): 250,00 
  • Creates effortless hands-free carry of weapon
  • Lessens fatigue and pressure points
  • Carries all long guns- shot guns, bolt action, semi automatic, and belt fed
  • Quick draw long gun in an instant
  • Increases safety by having positive muzzle control
  • All trigger guards are covered
  • Twelve safe locking muzzle positions
  • Protects gun and optics
  • Easily accessorize harness for tactical or hunting applications

LBE Harness

  • Adjustable 1" shoulder straps
  • 4 quick-release buckles for easy disconnect of shoulder straps
  • Trauma plate sleeve
  • MOLLE webbing on front
  • VELCRO for attaching name strips and morale patches
  • 1000D nylon construction